The Roscoe Wind Council Announces First Annual West Texas Wind Harvest Festival for October 20th, 2007

AUGUST 30, 2007 - Roscoe, Texas - The Roscoe Wind Council, a non-profit civic organization whose mission is to leverage the growing presence of wind energy for civic and educational improvement, today announced its plans to sponsor the First Annual West Texas Wind Harvest Festival. A planned yearly event, the First Annual West Texas Wind Festival will be held at the Roscoe Community Center in Roscoe, Texas on Saturday, October 20th, 2007 from 10 am to 6 pm, CST and will celebrate the coming of a new industry to what has long been an economically depressed area.

Attractions will include a Wind Energy exhibit hall and Job Fair, Children's Events & Activities, Arts & Crafts and Retail Vendors, Live Music & Entertainment, and Food & Drink.

The Wind Energy job fair and exhibit hall will contain booths manned by representatives of Wind Energy companies and by area colleges offering Wind Energy related courses or degrees. Exhibits will be aimed at educating the public on both large and small scale wind energy initiatives, and on the opportunities that exist for those seeking employment or education related to the Wind Energy industry. Exhibit and job fair booths are free to qualified companies and organizations, although space is limited. For more information contact Cliff Etheredge at

The Children's Events & Activities will contain hands-on educational arts & crafts activities designed to teach children about alternative energy sources and energy safety, as well as other activities designed specifically for entertainment and fun.

The Arts & Crafts and Retail vendor tents will include booths manned by local area retail businesses and individual artists and crafters to sell their merchandise to the public. Vendors who are interested in participating, may download the Vendor Sign Up Form for more information and to reserve space for the event.

Live music acts and other entertainers will be performing hourly throughout the day. Hot dogs, hamburgers and other food will be freshly cooked and sold along with water and soft drinks.

Proceeds from this event will support the Roscoe Wind Council's activities which include civic and educational programs related to wind energy. For directions to the First Annual West Texas Wind Festival, or to volunteer your time to help run and organize this event, please visit or contact the Roscoe Wind Council at (325) 436-1646.

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