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The Roscoe Wind Council is a nonprofit organization comprised of local citizens and business owners dedicated to the support of wind energy and to the promotion of civic and educational improvement in Roscoe, Texas and other rural communities in West Texas. Participation in the Roscoe Wind Council is open to all interested parties.

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AWEA and Partners Host The Supply Chain Workshop

April 15, 2010

AWEA is considered one of the leading sources for educational content on the wind energy industry and was proud to present the AWEA Wind Power Supply Chain Event along with several partners in March 2010. This event allowed businesses who are interested in connecting with the wind power industry to have full access to industry leaders and resources. Topics included; How to get started in the wind energy business, the basics of wind turbines and how they are built, how to source for wind turbine manufacturing and much more!

For more information and to learn about future events go to http://www.awea.org.

Popular Mechanics Talks About Renewable Energy In Texas

January 29, 2010

Popular Mechanics speaks on the ways Texans are taking advantage of the many renewable energy resources right at their fingertips including wind, bio-fuels and solar energy. Read what the story says about wind energy in Texas and see their interview with Cliff Etheredge where he talks about the benefits the Roscoe Wind Farm has had on Nolan County including the residents, land owners and so many others.

Cliff Etheredge, 2009 TCEQ Award Winner

November 19, 2009

Cliff Etheredge, a lifelong cotton farmer, today a 2009 TCEQ award winner. TCEQ- the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; awards the highest environmental achievement in the state of Texas. 2009 marks its 17th year of recognizing innovative projects and individuals within the state of Texas that have demonstrated positive effects on air, water and land resources.

10 awards were given this year, one of which was awarded to Cliff Etheredge for “breathing new life into a community by working to establish the largest wind farm in the world in tiny Roscoe, Texas.”

The TEEA talks about the journey of Cliff Etheredge from cotton farmer to wind farmer- “In 2003, Cliff Etheredge turned his attention from the soil to the sky and poured his energy into the business of wind energy. Putting himself through a crash course to learn everything he could about the wind industry, this lifelong cotton farmer also began convincing more than 350 landowners representing nearly 100,000 acres to believe in his vision. One by one, day by day, he got their commitment. Therein lay the roots of the groundbreaking Roscoe Wind Project, which will be the largest wind farm—a group of wind turbines in the same location used for production of electric power—in the world upon its completion later this year.”

Read more about what the TEEA says about Cliff Etheredge and his well deserved TCEQ award.

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Event Calendar

Carbn Nation Premiere

March 28th, 2010 - Carbon Nation, filmmaker Peter Byck's exceptional documentary on climate change solutions, will premeire at the Environament Film Festival in Washington, D.C. The film features a segment on the Roscoe Wind Farm and locals Cliff & David Etheredge and Vickey Haynes make appearances.

West Texas Wind Festival

October 16th, 2010 - The 4th annual West Texas Wind Festival will be held in Roscoe, Texas. Last year's fetstival featured a number of amazing events including helicoptor rides over the Roscoe Wind Farm. Check back often for more information about participating in the Festival as a sponsor, exhibitor or attendee!

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